Tec-Team  is a specialty chemical company focusing on dry lubrication with a broad product range in the three distinct fields of asphalt and paving lubrication and release, firearms and outdoor equipment cleaning and lubrication, and cutting fluids and coolants in the metal machining industry.

Tec-Team’s mission is to provide non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and high-quality cleaning and lubrication solutions, based upon individual customer needs. We strive to be a leader in development, innovation, and customer relations. We are committed to value, increasing component life, reducing repair costs, and increasing residual value of equipment, while simultaneously surpassing customer expectations.

Our vision is the be “Better than the Best,” which means:

Each member of our company is proud of their success as a team; customers, suppliers and governments prefer us; competitors respect us and communities welcome us.

“Protecting our Troops, Police and Citizens from the harshness of over-the-counter chemicals in the firearms and weapons industry.”

To be the industry leader in safety and performance, as well as recognized worldwide for our high performance products and environmental excellence.

Friends & Supporters

Tec-Team has been in business since 1995 manufacturing synthetic-based, dry-lubricant chemical technology manufactured under ISO 9002 Certification. Our lubricants are focused on performance, economy, the environment and worker safety.