How to Use


  1. Disassemble the firearm per the instructions of the manufacturer for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

  2. Spray the individual parts with Tec-Shield Elite and scrub with a cleaning brush.

  3. After scrubbing with the brush take a clean lint free cloth and wipe parts dry. Repeat step 2 if needed to remove all foreign debris.

  4. To clean the barrel. Spray some Tec-Shield Elite into the breech and down the barrel. Take the cleaning rod and attach the copper cleaning brush. Spray some Tec-Shield Elite onto the copper cleaning brush and run the brush back and forth thru the barrel to dislodge all foreign material.

  5. Remove the copper brush and attach the slotted tip for patches or a jag. Run patches down the barrel until patches come out clean.

  6. With Tec-Shield Elite you can clean the entire weapon, Stock and all. Spray Tec-Shield Elite on lint free cloth and wipe the exterior of the weapon till clean.

  7. With Tec-Shield Elite it is important to wipe all parts completely dry.

  8. After completely cleaning and wiping all parts dry reassemble the firearm. Your firearm is now clean and lubricated. Tec-Shield Elite has all the cleaners in it that you need to clean your firearm also it has a high quality synthetic lubricant. Wiping the firearm dry removes the wet cleaner and debris and leaves the synthetic lubricant behind to penetrate the pores of the metal and protects your firearm and its finish.

  9. The next time you take your firearm out to the range or hunting and you fire your weapon the synthetic lubricant will react to the heat, pressure and friction generated by the round going off and the mechanical cycling of the firearm. These reactions to the lubrication will chemical plate into the metal of the firearm giving you a barrier between the metal surface and all debris generated by firing the weapon thus making cleaning the firearm much easer because all of the debris is setting on top of the plate area and not imbedded into the pours of the metal. The plated out material will not build on itself and will only plate where metal is exposed. By using Tec-Shield Elite you are extending the life and value of your firearm for generations to come.